The Superior Adjustable Pipe Clamps: UNICLAMP & V-BAT™

Uniclamp and V-BAT Pipe Clamp

When securing pipes in industrial settings, the choice of adjustable pipe clamps significantly impacts installation efficiency, cost, and overall durability. Among the ample options available, Our UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp and the V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp are superior for their innovative design and performance. This blog will compare these two clamps with competitors' adjustable pipe clamps, highlighting why UNICLAMP USA products are the superior choice.


Introduction to Adjustable Pipe Clamps


Pipe clamps are essential tools in various industries, including plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and solar installations. These clamps secure pipes to structures, ensuring stability and safety. Traditional adjustable pipe clamps, while functional, often come with drawbacks such as complex installation processes, higher costs, and susceptibility to corrosion.


UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp 


Uniclamp Pipe Clamp in HVAC installation

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Our UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp can decrease setup time by as much as 83% compared to adjustable pipe clamps. It features a tool-free, simple place, twist, and strap interlocking system. Quicker installation leads to reduced labor expenses, making it a cost-effective option for large-scale projects.

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V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp


V-BAT Pipe Clamp



3-in-1 V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp 

Our V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp features a unique "V" shape that accommodates any pipe size from 3/8 inch to 5 inches, allowing it to be used on flat surfaces, as a multi-sized hanger clamp, or as a spacer and could be fitted on unistrut. Our V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp could be installed using a Hilti gun or a wrench, reducing labor time and effort. Minimum tools required.

Find out how Our 3-in-1 V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp can transform your business and projects.


The Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp and V-BAT Pipe Clamp


Durability and Strength 

Made from 30% glass-reinforced nylon 6, Our UNICLAMP Strut Clamp and V-BAT Pipe Clamp are rust-proof, waterproof, and acid-proof. Our Uniclamp boasts a shear strength of 1100 lbs and can withstand temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Our Uniclamp ensures long-term reliability with a 15-20 year lifespan.



At $2.20 per clamp, when purchased in bulk, The Uniclamp and V-BAT are up to 77% cheaper than competitor clamps costing around $10.70 each.


Comprehensive Warranty and Guarantee

Both products come with a 5-year warranty and a 365-day money-back guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence in their performance.


Applications of The Uniclamp Strut and V-BAT Pipe Clamp


Our Uniclamp Strut and V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp are ideal for a wide range of industries, including HVAC, electrical, plumbing, solar, oil, and gas. Ensuring versatility and ease of installation make it a popular choice among contractors.


Compared with Competitor Adjustable Pipe Clamps



Heavy Duty Pipe Clamp

UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp

V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp

Limited Size Range

Versatile Applications 

Versatile Applications 

Installation Difficulty 

Ease of Installation (No tools required)

Ease of Installation 

Potential for Over-Tightening 

Grip Secured by straps

Grip Secured by straps

Corrosion Issues 






Limited Applications 

Compatibility with Strut Systems  

Compatibility with Strut Systems and ample other installations

Very Heavy




Streamlined for any application

Streamlined for any application

Potential for Hose Damage

Using ties does no damage

Using ties does no damage

Potential for Damage on HVAC systems

HDPE sleeves for HVAC systems do not damage insolation

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Disadvantages of the Heavy Duty Pipe Clamp:


Limited Size Range: These clamps are designed for a specific size range (74-79 mm), which might not be suitable for all applications. Users need to ensure they have the correct size for their specific hoses and pipes.

Installation Difficulty: Heavy-duty clamps are always more challenging to install. These clamps typically require more complex installation processes and additional tools, leading to higher labor costs

Potential for Over-Tightening: With heavy-duty clamps, there's a risk of over-tightening, which can damage the hose or the connection points. Over-tightening can cause the hose or HVAC pipe to pinch or become misshapen, leading to leaks or failures.

Corrosion Issues: If not made from high-quality materials like stainless steel or nylon, these clamps are susceptible to corrosion, especially in harsh environments resulting in a reduced lifespan. Corrosion weakens the clamp and compromises the effectiveness and stability of the installation.

Cost: Heavy-duty pipe clamps are generally more expensive due to their construction and materials. Sometimes costing up to $10.70 each. 

Stainless steel split clamps can be especially expensive, costing around $30 for a 5-inch clamp.

 Weight: Due to their construction, heavy-duty clamps are heavier, which could be a concern in applications where weight is a critical factor.

Bulkiness: These clamps are often bulkier, which can make them less suitable for applications with space constraints or where a more streamlined appearance is desired

Potential for Hose Damage: If not properly sized or installed, heavy-duty clamps can cause wear and tear on the hose or pipes, especially if the material is softer or less durable.



In the realm of adjustable pipe clamps, the UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp and V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp stand out for their innovative design, cost efficiency, strength, and ease of installation. Compared to traditional adjustable and stainless split clamps, they offer significant advantages.

For more information and to purchase these superior clamps, visit Uniclamp USA.

By investing in UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp and V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp, businesses shall enhance their installation efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure long-lasting performance, making them the smart choice for any industrial application.

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