The Revolutionary New Clamping System

  • Improves ROI
  • Faster Installation Time
  • Reduces Costs
  • One-Size-Fits-All (Up To 5")
  • Super Easy Place, Twist, Strap Installation that takes seconds!
From only $2.49 per clamp!

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Strut Applications

Universal Size (3/8" up to 5")

Installation In Seconds (Simply Place, Twist, Strap Tool-Free Installation)

Durability of Stainless Steel



Flat Surface, Hanger & Spacer Applications

Universal Size (3/8" up to 5")

Fast Installation With Hilti Gun or 3/8" Threaded Rod

Faster. Easier. Better. Cheaper.

Tech has changed, so why haven't you changed the way that you do installations?

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Manufactured out of 30% Glass-Reinforced Nylon, the Uniclamp gives you the durability of stainless steel at a fraction of the cost. 

Coupled with its unique "V" design, the Uniclamp is able to handle any piping sizes between 3/8" all the way up to 5". 

The innovative, tool-free, locking system allows installers to simply place, twist, and strap, and the installation is complete.

Part of our mission is to save you time, and money, try out our calculator to see how much you will be saving by using Uniclamp.


Designed for flat surface applications, and universal size (3/8" up to 5") hanger applications, the Uniclamp V-Bat sports a rugged 30% glass-reinforced construction with a tensile strength of 5 kilo-newton.

When bolted back-to-back, the V-BAT also works as a spacer between piping.


Everything You Want In A Clamp For Your Business


Higher Company ROI

Faster Installations, coupled with Cheaper Costing per clamp, drastically improves your bottom line.

Universal Sizing

Simplified project ordering since Uniclamp can replace 80% of your project clamps.


Our 30% Glass-Reinforced Nylon has corrosion resistance comparable to stainless steel.

Multi-Industry Applications

Perfectly suited for multiple industries, including HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Solar, Brewing & many more.

See What Our Clients Say

“Prior to finding your product, we had been using pex clamps and other forms of clamps to facilitate vertical and horizontal applications. Uniclamp has been a labor saver. It is easy to use and is extremely versatile on just about any HVACR application. Whether condensate piping or refrigerant lineset it has been simple to install and looks professional. You have earned a lifetime customer with Green Air.”

John Covey

Project Manager - Green Air

“With the Uniclamp range of clamping, hanging and routing solutions, we have successfully eliminated costly wire racks in large parts of the substation infrastructure. Uniclamp has saved us countless hours onsite with "pulling" and installing both power cables and coms/data cabling. This system has proven to be cost effective and efficient for all types of contractors on our sites. From power cables to alarm systems and HVAC we specify the Uniclamp range in almost all aspects of construction.”

JGJ De Jongh

Director - Vanguard Solution Works

“We have been utilizing these clamps to install new airlines for a fertilizer plant in North Carolina. The ability to use one clamp regardless of pipe size has made this installation much simpler. This has helped eliminate inventory challenges and reduced the variety of items that our installers need to carry around. Furthermore, the installation of these clamps is very quick and easy as advertised.”

Ben Murphy

Poly Pipe Solutions

UNICLAMP vs Competitor


Pricing (For 5")

Uniclamp - $2.49

Pipe Clamp - $10.70 (77% MORE EXPENSIVE)

Installation Time

Uniclamp - 15 Seconds (Up to 85% Faster Than Competitors)

Pipe Clamp - 1 Minute +


Uniclamp - 30% Glass Reinforced Nylon 
(Rust Proof, Acid Proof, Waterproof)

Pipe Clamp - Electro Galvanized Mild Steel 
(Corrodes with time. Not suitable for sterile environments. Metal contamination with stainless strut.)


Uniclamp - 15 Years+

Pipe Clamp - ~5 Years


Uniclamp - 105% Guarantee

Pipe Clamp - No Guarantee

365 Days Risk Free Guarantee

Try us out completely risk-free! We have a 5-year warranty on any quality-related defect, and on top of that, we know that Uniclamp will make such a vast difference in your business, we'll give you 365 days to try us out! 

If Uniclamp hasn't made a difference in your business, simply reach out to us, we'll pay the return shipping, and we'll refund you 100% of your purchase! Please read our refund policy for more information.

We've Been Featured At The AHR Expo 3 Times!

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