Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Uniclamp?

Answer - It's a universal clamping solution that accommodates pipes and cables of different diameters (9mm up to 127mm). It was designed to lock into a strut channel but has even more versatility when used with its accessories.

2) What makes the design unique?

Answer - The V shape, strapping channels, and locking mechanism are what set the Uniclamp apart from other solutions.

3) What is the Uniclamp made of?

Answer - 30% glass-filled nylon. It's strong, durable, lightweight, and contains additional UV stabilizers. 

4) What strapping do you recommend?

Answer - We recommend heavy-duty nylon strapping because it's quick and easy to install. Stainless steel strapping works well too (te thickness depends on your specific installation).

5) What if I'm not using struts in my installations?

Answer - Not a problem! We've designed a special bracket that lets you use the Uniclamp on any flat surface.

We've also got a purpose-built flat surface product called the Uniclamp V-Bat that'll be perfect for projects on any flat surface (drywall, concrete, wooden boards, etc).

6) Does the Uniclamp come in different colours?

Answer - Yes! We can match your corporate colours when you place large orders. We also use specific colours for certain industries (like red for fire detection lines). 

7) Do you have display units I can use in my retail store?

Answer - We've got nifty display units that demonstrate the full power of the Uniclamp, as well as some of the other products in our range.