Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp and V-BAT Pipe Clamp

Secure Pipes with UNICLAMP & V-BAT™ Clamps for Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and repair operations, especially involving pipes, are hazardous due to various risks and dangers that workers and equipment are exposed to and are affected by. During planned or unplanned shutdowns, maintenance, repair, and replacement of pipes and installations, the risks and dangers are amplified. Planned work sequels are deadlined requiring a vast amount of workers to collaborate to complete the work efficiently, with reliability, and, most importantly, safely. Use The Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp and V-BAT Pipe Clamp from Uniclamp USA to improve your ability to perform maintenance and repair operations.

Here are some Key Risks and Dangers when Performing Maintenance and Repairs Operations


Pipe Repairs and Maintenance


Risks and Dangers to Workers

Physical Injuries

Slips, Trips, and Falls: Cluttered work areas, spills, and uneven surfaces can lead to falls, which can cause serious injuries.

Crushing Injuries: Pipes or equipment falling or shifting unexpectedly can crush or trap workers, leading to severe injuries or fatalities.

Cuts and Lacerations: Sharp tools and metal edges can cause cuts and lacerations if not handled properly.

Ergonomic Hazards

Musculoskeletal Disorders: Repetitive movements, awkward postures, and heavy lifting can lead to strains, sprains, and chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

Burns and Electrical Shocks

Thermal Burns: Hot pipes and equipment can cause burns if touched without proper protection.

Electrical Hazards: Improper handling of electrical tools and equipment can lead to electrical shocks or burns.

Risks and Dangers to Equipment and Installations

Equipment Damage

Misalignment and Instability: Improper handling or inadequate securing of pipes can lead to misalignment or instability, causing damage to the equipment.

Impact Damage: Dropping heavy pipes and other equipment can damage tools, pipes, or installations, and can result in injuries to workers.

Fire and Explosions

Gas Leaks: Improper handling of gas pipes can result in leaks, increasing the risk of fire or explosions.

Operational Downtime

Unplanned Interruptions: Equipment damage or accidents can cause unplanned interruptions, leading to operational downtime and financial losses.

Extended Repair Times: Severe damage may require extensive repairs, further prolonging downtime and affecting productivity.

Why Utilize Our Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp and V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp to Secure Pipes?


Uniclamp and V-BAT Pipe Clamp


Universal Fit 

Our UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp and V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp are designed to accommodate a wide range of pipe sizes, from 3/8" to 5" (9mm up to 127mm).

Check our our blog on The V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp for more information.

High Durability

Both our UNICLAMP strut pipe clamp and V-BAT™ pipe clamp are constructed from 30% glass-reinforced nylon 6.6, both pipe clamps boast a tensile strength of 900 lb and 1100 lbs respectively to withstand extreme conditions and handling. Both clamps are extremely rugged, strong, and reliable, being rust-proof, waterproof, and acid-proof. Their UV exposure durability ensures a long lifespan of 15-20 years, even in harsh environments. 

Secure pipe installation

Heavy-duty strapping provides steadiness and strength to the pipe installation. Stainless steel strapping can carry up to 200 lbs! (the thickness depends on your specific installation). Our Nylon cable ties are UV stabilized, and have a carrying capacity of up to 175lbs! Our clamps are specifically designed to ensure that pipes are held firmly in place at all times.

Temperature resistant

Maximum temperatures of 572 degrees Fahrenheit permit the workers to weld, cut, and grind in close proximity to our clamps.

Chemical exposure

Acid resistant and resistant to 95% of the most common chemicals guarantees no deterioration of our clamps when directly exposed to chemicals/acids when pipes are cut.


Our UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp and the V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp are certified by UL2239, UL2043, ISO, RoHS, Reach, and Branz, providing peace of mind.

Stability and Positioning

During maintenance and repair tasks, it's crucial to keep pipes stable and in the correct position to prevent any misalignment or accidental movements. Our UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp and UNICLAMP V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp are designed to hold the pipes firmly, ensuring they do not shift or move. Zip Ties or hose clamps are used to secure the pipes on the clamps.

This stability is especially critical when dealing with large or heavy pipes, as any movement could pose safety risks or lead to further damage.


Our UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp and UNICLAMP V-BAT™ Pipe Clamps secure pipes during maintenance and reduce the risk of accidents. Workers can perform their tasks without the danger of pipes falling or rolling.

It minimizes the likelihood of injuries caused by sudden pipe movements, which can occur when pipes are not properly clamped.


Properly clamped pipes, using, our UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp and UNICLAMP V-BAT™ Pipe Clamps allow maintenance tasks to be completed more quickly and efficiently. Workers can focus on the task at hand without constantly re-adjusting, uninstalling, or re-installing the pipes.

Ensuring that repairs are done accurately, as the pipes remain in the correct alignment throughout the process.

For more information on Our Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp check out our blog.

Ideal for Holding Pipes in Place while Cutting, Grinding, and Welding

When cutting and grinding pipes, stability is key to making clean, precise cuts and smooth grinding. The clamps ensure the pipe remains stationary, providing a steady base for the cutting tools and grinders.

Our UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp and UNICLAMP V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp aid in stability avoiding jagged or uneven cuts that can occur if the pipe moves during the cutting process.

Ensures safety by preventing the pipe from rolling or slipping, which could lead to accidents and injuries with the cutting tools and or grinders.


Welding requires precision and stability. The UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp and the V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp keep the pipes securely in place, allowing welders to perform their work with greater accuracy.

Our clamps prevent the pipes from moving due to vibrations and handling while working, which is critical to maintaining the integrity of the weld.

Reduces the need for multiple people to hold the pipe in place, allowing welders to work more independently and efficiently. Therefore eliminating unnecessary injuries.

Having the pipes secured in position lets the radiographic personnel x-ray the welds on-site, saving them time and money.

How The Uniclamp Strut and V-BAT Pipe Clamp Assist in Providing a Safe and Efficient Work Environment


V-BAT and Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp

 Source: CNR Services

Reduced Hazards

Our Uniclamp and V-BAT™ Pipe Clamps securely clamp pipes minimizing the risk of slips, trips, and falls. Workers can navigate around the work area more safely. Preventing pipes from becoming projectiles if accidentally dislodged, is a serious hazard in an industrial setting. Pipes do not require being removed and transported to workshops to be worked on. Reduced hazards provide a safe working environment.

Improved Workflow

Having pipes securely in place allows for a smoother workflow. Workers can proceed with their tasks without constantly adjusting or repositioning pipes.

This leads to more efficient use of time and resources, as tasks can be completed faster and with greater accuracy and safety.

Enhanced Quality

The stability provided by the UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp and the V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp guarantees higher-quality maintenance and repair work. Proper alignment and secure positioning provide superior quality welding, cutting, grinding, and overall pipe handling.

Results in longer-lasting repairs and reduced need for rework, contributing to overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The physical well-being of the workers is enhanced.


Our UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp and the V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp play a vital role in pipeline maintenance and repairs by ensuring pipes remain stable and secure. By understanding these risks and implementing appropriate safety measures, the dangers associated with maintenance and repair operations are significantly reduced, ensuring the safety of workers and the protection of equipment and installations.

For more information and to purchase the V-BAT™ and UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamps, visit Uniclamp USA.

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