How to Use Your Free Shim with Our Uniclamp Pipe Clamp

Shim for strut channel

Shims are indispensable components in industries that are used to secure pipe clamps in unistrut channels, providing stability, and alignment solutions in both temporary and permanent applications. Understanding what a shim is and what shims are used for can significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your projects, especially when combined with innovative products like the Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp. This comprehensive guide examines shims, their applications, and how the Uniclamp enhances their utility.

What is a Shim?


Shim in a strut channel


A shim is used to fill small gaps or spaces between and around objects, to adjust the alignment or level of an assembly. Depending on the requirements of the specific application shims are made from a diversity of materials, including metal, plastic, nylon, and rubber. They come in numerous sizes and shapes, tailored to fit the needs of different projects and Plumbing, HVAC, Gas, and Electrical industries.

Types of Shims

  1. Flat Shims: These are simple, flat pieces to fill gaps and provide support or alignment.
  2. Tapered Shims: Also known as wedges, these shims are thicker at one end and taper to a thinner edge, ideal for leveling and aligning components.
  3. Slotted Shims: These have a slot or cutout that allows them to be easily placed around bolts or fasteners without the need to remove them.
  4. Custom Shims: Designed for specific applications, these shims are made to precise specifications to fit unique requirements.

What Are Shims Used For?

Shims serve a multitude of purposes across various industries. Understanding what shims are used for can help you appreciate their versatility and necessity in simple and complex tasks.

1. Alignment and Leveling

One of the primary uses of shims is to ensure proper alignment and leveling of components. In construction and manufacturing, achieving precise alignment is crucial for structural integrity and performance. Shims are also used to adjust the positioning of machinery, equipment, pipe clamps, and structural elements to ensure they are level and properly aligned preventing failure. 

2. Spacing and Fitting

Shims are often used to fill gaps and provide the correct spacing between components. This is particularly important in assembly processes where tight tolerances are required. For example, in the automotive industry, shims adjust the fit of parts to ensure they meet precise specifications.

3. Vibration and Noise Reduction

Shims help reduce vibration and noise in mechanical systems by filling gaps and providing a snug fit. This is especially useful in machinery and equipment that operate at high speeds or under heavy loads, where vibrations can lead to wear and tear or even failure of components.

4. Thermal Expansion Compensation

In environments where temperature fluctuations are common, materials can expand and contract, leading to misalignment and stress on components. Shims can be used to compensate for these changes, ensuring that the system remains properly aligned despite temperature variations.

5. Protective Layer

Shims can also act as a protective barrier between components, preventing direct contact and reducing the risk of corrosion or wear. This is particularly important in applications where different materials come into contact and there is a risk of galvanic corrosion.

The Uniclamp Unistrut Pipe Clamp and The Uniclamp Shim


A shim used in a strut channel with Uniclamp


Our UNICLAMP Unistrut Pipe Clamp is an innovative product, every purchase of Our Uniclamp comes with a Free Shim to improve your installation. 

Key Features of the Uniclamp Unistrut Pipe Clamp

  1. Speed of Installation: Our Uniclamp Strut pipe clamp will save you up to 83% on installation time. Our unique tool-free Unistrut interlocking system allows for a simple place, twist, and strap in a strut channel.
  2. Universal Fit: The Uniclamp accommodates a wide range of pipe sizes from 3/8" to 5"(9mm up to 127mm), with no need for multiple-sized clamps. For light struts, UNICLAMP provides a Shim, cost-free with every UNICLAMP pipe clamp purchase.
  3. Durable Material: Our Uniclamp is made from high-quality 30% glass-reinforced nylon 6, the Uniclamp offers strength, and resistance to environmental factors. It is rust-proof, waterproof, and acid-resistant. Offers UV resistance for 15-20 years, suitable for outdoor installations. Our Lab Tests have proven that our clamp can support a tensile strength of up to 1500 lbs, but we recommend limiting the load to 1100 lbs.
  4. Cost-Effective: At $2.49 per clamp, you are saving up to 77% in costs compared to competitor clamps. When purchased in bulk you pay only $2.20 Per Clamp,  at Uniclamp our mission is to save your business time and money.
  5. Warranty and Support: Try us out completely risk-free! We have a 5-year warranty on any quality-related defect, and a 365-day and 105% money-back guarantee. We are confident that you will be satisfied with Our Uniclamp.
  6. Secure Hold: The clamp provides a firm and secure hold on the pipe, preventing movement and ensuring stability in various applications, if however, you have an inferior strut channel utilize Our Free Shim to ensure a tight fit with Our Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp.
  7. Temperature Resistance: Our Uniclamp withstands temperatures up to 572°F (260 degrees Celsius) and can be used in fire detection lines.

Practical Applications of the Uniclamp with Our Shim


Uniclamp with Shim and HDPE Sleeve in Strut Channel


1. HVAC Systems

In HVAC installations, the UNICLAMP Unistrut Pipe Clamp is used with shims to ensure secure and stable unistrut mounting.  Shims level and align the components, while the Uniclamp provides a firm hold, eliminating vibrations and noise.

2. Electrical cables and Conduits

For electrical and cables and conduit installations, shims help achieve precise alignment and spacing, while the Uniclamp ensures a secure fit. This combination enhances the safety and reliability of the electrical system, preventing potential hazards caused by loose or misaligned electrical cables and conduits. 

3. Plumbing Systems

In various plumbing and gas applications, shims are used to level fixtures and pipes, ensuring proper drainage and preventing leaks. The Uniclamp provides a strong and stable hold, maintaining the alignment of the pipes and reducing the risk of damage or wear. 

  1. Industrial Environments

The UNICLAMP Unistrut Pipe Clamp is reliable, with the shim, in any industry including Oil & Gas, Telecommunication.

Benefits of Using Our Shim and Uniclamp Together

  1. Enhanced Stability: The combination of shims and Our Uniclamp ensures that components are securely held, illuminating the risk of movement and misalignment.
  2. Increased Efficiency: The quick installation time of Our Uniclamp, combined with the precise adjustments provided by Our shim, enhances overall efficiency and productivity.
  3. Cost Savings: By speeding up the installation process, the use of Our Uniclamp shim and the Uniclamp leads to significant cost savings in materials and labor.
  4. Versatility: The ability to use shims for various adjustments and the universal fit of the UNICLAMP Unistrut Pipe Clamp make this combination suitable for a wide range of applications across different industries. Our Shim and Uniclamp is perfect for vertical and horizontal installations.


Understanding what a shim is and what shims are used for is essential for anyone involved in construction, manufacturing, or maintenance. Shims provide critical support, ensuring the stability and reliability of various components and systems. When paired with Our UNICLAMP Unistrut Pipe Clamp, the utility of shims is further enhanced, offering a versatile and efficient solution.

By investing in Our UNICLAMP Unistrut Pipe Clamp, you can achieve superior performance, reduce costs, and increase the efficiency of your projects. Considering that a shim is provided at no cost with the purchase of the UNICLAMP Unistrut Pipe Clamp, you can succeed in all your projects.

For more information and to purchase the Uniclamp Unistrut Pipe Clamp and receive Our Shim for Free visit Uniclamp USA. Your installations are secure, efficient, and long-lasting with this indispensable combination.
Des Ferreira worked as a Production Process Controller for two years, after qualifying as an electrician, he studied further to become a senior electrician for 13 years. Wanting to advance himself, he took the necessary courses to become a Senior Occupational Health and Safety Officer for 9 years. Des was then approached by the CEO of Sasol Three to create and manage a Health and Safety project for 2 years. All his training and experience he accomplished being employed by Sasol Petrochemical Refinery in Secunda.
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