V-BAT™ & UNICLAMP: Superior HVAC Line Set Clamp Replacement

V-BAT Pipe Clamp and Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp

In the HVAC sector, effective and dependable pipe clamps are paramount. The installation and maintenance of HVAC systems demand robust, versatile, and easy-to-install components. Traditional HVAC line set clamps have long been used for securing refrigerant lines and condensate piping.

Now newer, more advanced solutions like the V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp and the UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp from UNICLAMP USA are proven superior alternatives. This blog explores why these innovative clamps are excellent replacements for traditional HVAC line set clamps.

The Importance of Quality HVAC Line Set Clamps

Securing refrigerant lines and assuring the efficient operation of HVAC systems HVAC line set clamps play a crucial role. The clamps must provide a secure hold, counteract environmental factors, and be easy to install and maintain. Poor-quality clamps can lead to system inefficiencies, increased maintenance costs, system failures, and unplanned downtime. Therefore, choosing the right clamp is essential for HVAC professionals.

Our V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp: A Versatile Solution


V-BAT Pipe Clamp in HVAC System

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Universal Fit

Our V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp is designed to accommodate a wide range of pipe sizes, from 3/8" to 5" (9mm up to 127mm). This universal fit simplifies inventory management and ensures this one clamp can be utilized for various applications, reducing the need for multiple clamp sizes. In comparison, one of the competitor HVAC line set Pipe Clamps is available only in the following sizes: 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch revealing their limited utilization.

Quick and easy Installation

Time is money in the HVAC industry. Compatible with Hilti guns or for quick and efficient installation, demonstrating the V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp robustness, showing no signs of stress, highlighting its suitability for heavy-duty use​. Or when using a bolt a Socket wrench or ratchet is required to ensure an easy installation of the V-BAT™ pipe clamp. This ease of installation is a major advantage over traditional HVAC line set clamps, which often require more complex and time-consuming installation processes.


The V-BAT™ Pipe Clamp is not just a traditional pipe clamp; Our V-BAT™ can utilized as a flat surface application clamp, a multi-sized hanger clamp, and a universal piping spacer. This multi-functionality amplifies its versatility and makes it a valuable tool for all HVAC applications.

Our Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp: Efficient and Strong


Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp in HVAC System

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Like Our V-BAT™, Our UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamp accommodates pipe sizes from 3/8" to 5" (9mm up to 127mm), simplifying your projects.

Rapid Installation

UNICLAMP Strut pipe clamp installs 83% faster than competitor clamps. Our Uniclamp does not require tools, unlike the labor-intensive installation of the traditional Unistrut steel pipe clamp, reducing labor costs and time on the job site.

Benefits and Features of Our Uniclamp Products

High Durability

Constructed from 30% glass-reinforced nylon 6, Our V-BAT™ and Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp boasts a tensile strength of 1100 lbs (499 kg) to withstand extreme conditions, including chemical environments. This UV exposure durability ensures a long lifespan of 15-20 years, even in harsh environments, making it a reliable choice for HVAC installations.


The V-BAT™ and Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp are priced at $2.20 per unit when purchased in bulk, offering significant savings. UNICLAMP products provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal pipe clamps, reducing labor costs and the need for additional tools. 

Warranty and Support

Our  V-BAT™ and Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp come with a 5-year quality guarantee, and a 365-day money-back hassle-free return, ensuring reassurance and trust in its dependability.


Our V-BAT™ and Uniclamp Strut Pipe Clamp is Certified by UL2239, UL2043, ISO, RoHS, Reach, and Branz.

Applications in HVAC Systems

HVAC Lineset Clamps: Essential for Efficiency

Line set clamps are essential for securing refrigerant lines and condensate piping in HVAC systems. However, Traditional clamps lack versatility, ease of installation, and durability. The V-BAT™ and UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamps address these shortcomings, offering superior alternatives that enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Ideal for HVAC Systems

The V-BAT™ and UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamps are ideal for securing refrigerant lines, condensate piping, and all other components in HVAC systems. Their universal fit, rapid installation, and high durability make them perfect for HVAC applications.

Our Uniclamp HDPE Sleeve


V-BAT Pipe Clamp with HDPE Sleeve


In addition, our Uniclamp Sleeve is a High-Density Polyethylene sleeve designed to distribute the strapping force along the Armorflex, protecting the insulation. Ultimately, this means no ice build-up and condensation will occur, leading to less corrosion and maintenance. Our HDPE Sleeve can also be used to prevent cross-contamination between different metals, contamination can lead to costly repairs.

Simply wrap around the pipe, tighten the strap, and the installation is done!

For more information on the function of Our HDPE Sleeve click here.

Customer Testimonials

Customers like Ben Murphy from Poly Pipe Solutions and John Covey from Green Air have praised the V-BAT™ and UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamps for their ease of use, versatility, and significant time savings. These testimonials underscore the clamps’ efficiency and reliability in real-world applications, highlighting their impact on simplifying installations and reducing costs.


The V-BAT™ and UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamps from UNICLAMP USA are excellent replacements for traditional HVAC line set clamps. These innovative clamps provide reliable, long-term solutions for securing refrigerant lines, condensate piping, and other components in HVAC systems, ensuring professional and efficient installations.

For more information and to purchase Our V-BAT™ and UNICLAMP Strut Pipe Clamps, visit Uniclamp USA. Transform your HVAC installations today with these innovative and reliable clamps, and experience the benefits firsthand.

Des Ferreira worked as a Production Process Controller for two years, after qualifying as an electrician, he studied further to become a senior electrician for 13 years. Wanting to advance himself, he took the necessary courses to become a Senior Occupational Health and Safety Officer for 9 years. Des was then approached by the CEO of Sasol Three to create and manage a Health and Safety project for 2 years. All his training and experience he accomplished being employed by Sasol Petrochemical Refinery in Secunda.
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