Unlocking Efficiency: The Revolutionary V-BAT Pipe Clamp for All Your Industrial Needs

Unlocking Efficiency: The Revolutionary V-BAT Pipe Clamp for All Your Industrial Needs

In the world of industrial installations, finding a versatile and robust clamping solution can transform operational efficiency. Uniclamp USA’s V-BAT clamp is designed to address diverse needs with its one-size-fits-all functionality. This blog post dives into the exceptional features of the V-BAT Pipe Clamp and why it's the ultimate tool for professionals across multiple industries.

Innovative Design

The V-BAT is expertly designed to streamline your clamping needs, offering a versatile and tough solution that eliminates the need for multiple clamp types in your inventory.

This clamp is suitable for a wide range of pipe, conduit, & tubing sizes, from 3/8" to a substantial 5" (approximately 9mm to 127mm), making it a universally adaptable tool for various projects and applications. 

Its innovative construction from 30% glass-reinforced nylon not only ensures durability but also provides substantial resistance to environmental factors such as rust, water, and acids.

Engineered for speed and efficiency, the V-BAT can be swiftly installed using a Hilti gun or a 5/16" threaded rod, allowing for quick and reliable installations that significantly cut down labor time and costs. 

This feature is especially beneficial in high-paced work environments where time and reliability are of the essence. With its rugged build and the ability to handle diverse installation environments, the V-BAT is an indispensable tool that enhances productivity and efficiency across multiple industries​ 

Durability and Resistance

Because of the unique high impact engineering polymer that our clamps are made of, the V-Bat can withstand up to 1100 lbs of shear strength. We use only the highest grade of materials, and we believe in bringing incredible made in the USA products to the market, the V-Bat features a 572-degree Fahrenheit melting temperature. This means that you can even run your hot copper lines with our clamps. However, when doing so, we recommend that you use epoxy coated stainless steel strapping.

Not to mention that it’s built to last! Our products include UV stabilizers and resistance to acids and 95% of the most common chemicals found in industrial and commercial environments. They will never corrode or rust like galvanized mild steel, or even stainless in some environments.

This resilience ensures the V-BAT can perform reliably in harsh conditions, offering a lifespan of 15-20 years in exposed outdoor settings.


Priced competitively at only $2.20 per clamp when bought in bulk, the V-BAT offers significant savings compared to traditional clamping solutions. When you consider that our products are rated for up to 5” diameter piping, conduit or ducting, the savings can be thousands of dollars.

Of course, this cost efficiency is further enhanced by our clamp’s versatility and durability, reducing the need for replacements and decreasing the variety of clamps needed on-site.

The V-Bat can also fully replace flat surface strut channels and clamps. It does this by acting as both the spacer from the surface, as well as the clamp.

Can you imagine the savings then?

Applications Across Industries

The V-BAT is not just a clamp but a versatile tool designed to meet the diverse demands of various industries, making it an indispensable part of professional toolkits across sectors.

Whether for HVAC, electrical work, plumbing, solar installations, oil & gas projects, or even demanding applications like those in breweries, the V-BAT’s universal design adapts seamlessly to different settings.

Its ability to accommodate a range of sizes ensures that it can handle virtually any job, simplifying the work process and reducing the need for multiple types of clamps. In other words, you only need one clamp for your entire project.

This adaptability is coupled with a tough construction that guarantees longevity and resilience, ensuring that the V-BAT can perform under the strenuous conditions typical of industrial and commercial environments. 

For professionals in any field, the V-BAT not only enhances operational efficiency but also offers significant cost savings by minimizing the need for specialized equipment. 

Its design is focused on maximizing functionality and reliability, making it a smart choice for anyone looking to optimize their workflow and reduce both time and financial investments in their projects​ 


The Uniclamp V-BAT is more than just a clamp; it’s a solution that supports the evolving needs of modern industries. By integrating such innovative tools into your operations, you can achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain high safety and quality standards.

Discover how the V-BAT can revolutionize your project installations by purchasing your V-Bat today. 

Take advantage of this advanced clamping solution and elevate your operational capabilities to new heights.

Vanya worked as a steam trap technician for 4 years on the Sasol Petrochemical Refinery in Secunda. He then studied further to become a Quality Inspector where he oversaw quality operations at the Medupi Power Plant in South Africa for 3 years.
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