Why The V-BAT Is The Go-To Replacement For Split Clamps

V-BAT pipe clamp is use


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The V-Bat Pipe Clamp is a revolutionary solution to address the challenges and constraints commonly associated with split clamps. 

Are you seeking to overcome these challenges and constraints? Your search ends here. 

Let's discuss the drawbacks typically linked with split clamps, the numerous advantages of the V-BAT Pipe Clamp, its functionality, the associated benefits, and a systematic guide on replacing split clamps with this innovative alternative.

Uncover why the UniClamp V-Bat Pipe Clamp emerges as the only option for enhancing performance and ensuring durability.

The Problem with Split Clamps


V-BAT Pipe Clamp vs Split Clamp

Split clamps have historically been a widely utilized tool in industrial settings for securing piping equipment. However, as time has progressed, inherent issues and constraints have surfaced which could be disastrous for an installation.

An evident drawback of split clamps is their susceptibility to loosening over time, attributed to vibration and thermal expansion factors. The installation and upkeep of split clamps require regular re-tightening and adjustments which could lead to unnecessary downtime and financial expense. Also, split clamps tend to be one size only, meaning that you require many different clamps leading to extra costs. These complexities have spurred a quest for a more proficient and steadfast alternative.

In response to this demand, the V-BAT Pipe Clamp emerges as a viable solution, offering a dependable and enduring method that guarantees reliable installations for piping systems in many different industrial sectors.

Issues and Limitations

The challenges and constraints associated with split clamps can have a substantial impact on the overall effectiveness and resilience of piping systems. Common issues of split clamps are susceptibility to corrosion and maintenance difficulties.

Ill-fitting clamps emerge as a crucial concern in the industrial application of split clamps, as the divergence in sizes and shapes among pipes can result in weak connections. The susceptibility to corrosion poses a notable risk to the durability of these clamps, particularly in environments characterized by high levels of moisture or chemical exposure which could lead to rust and failure. Maintenance poses challenges due to the design of split clamps, leading to downtime and increased operational costs in industrial settings.

The Solution: V-BAT Pipe Clamp


V-BAT as spacer

Introducing the V-BAT Pipe Clamp, a cutting-edge and premium alternative to conventional split clamps commonly used in industrial settings. This industrial-grade solution is characterized by its exceptional efficiency, durability, and versatility. 

The clamp is 0 % corrosive, acid and chemical-resistant, with no cross-contamination.

The V-BAT clamp is composed of 30% glass-filled nylon. It's strong, durable, lightweight, and contains additional UV stabilizers, which extends its outdoor lifespan to 15 years.

The sturdy and unique design of the V-Bat Pipe Clamp ensures a secure fastening mechanism around pipes from 3/8" up to 5" (9mm up to 127mm). Therefore you only need one clamp to do all of your piping, conduit, or ducting. An uncomplicated practical “one size fits all” solution. 

The V-BAT clamp boasts a shear strength of 1100 lbs (499 kg) tested and proven robust. Engineered to withstand temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius) the V-BAT is versatile and safe to use in high-temperature applications. This clamp is well-suited for applications across a range of industries including Construction, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Solar, Oil & Gas, and Telecommunication systems.

With its adaptable sizing and straightforward time-saving installation process, the V-BAT Pipe Clamp streamlines maintenance and enhances operational efficiency. Bid farewell to concerns regarding leaks or slippage - the V-BAT Pipe Clamp offers reliable performance and peace of mind.

Overview and Advantages

The V-Bat Pipe Clamp is the leading solution for industrial piping, offering multiple advantages over conventional split clamps. Its innovative design and enhanced features provide a secure fit and support for heavy-duty applications. 

The V-BAT robustness allows for quick installation with a Hilti gun, showing no signs of stress, cracks, shattering, or weakening, highlighting its suitability for heavy-duty use.​

The unique V-shaped design of the V-BAT Pipe Clamp ensures optimal pressure distribution along the pipe, thereby minimizing stress concentration points and reducing the likelihood of pipe deformation or damage. The symmetrical grip and uniform pressure distribution contribute to a more secure hold, enhancing overall stability.

The V-BAT’s user-friendly design enables swift adjustments and secure locking mechanisms, ensuring a dependable grip on pipes across extreme environments.

By emphasizing longevity and intuitive features, the V-Bat Pipe Clamp delivers exceptional performance tailored to the requirements of contemporary construction projects.

Design and Functionality

The V-BAT Pipe Clamp has been meticulously designed and engineered to offer a secure and reliable solution for industrial applications. Its construction and materials have been carefully selected for long-lasting performance and efficiency.

How The V-BAT Saves You Money

The V-Bat clamp is particularly cost-effective, offering savings of up to 98.15%, quantifying this in terms of potential savings per unit compared to competitor clamps, like the Stainless Split Clamp.

Cost-effectiveness in the context of industrial components is not just about the initial purchase price but also the long-term savings through durability, lower maintenance costs, and reliability that prevents costly downtimes caused by equipment failure.

Bulk purchasing or long-term supply agreements with Uniclamp can reduce business costs, making large-scale projects more affordable. 

Use Uniclamp’s Savings Calculator to see how the V-BAT Pipe Clamp can save you money.

Why V-Bat Pipe Clamp is the Preferred Choice


VBAT with Bolt

The innovative structure of the V-BAT Pipe Clamp guarantees secure and stable connections, thereby minimizing the likelihood of operational failures, fostering a more effective workflow.

This reliability not only enhances overall safety but also enhances productivity by eliminating downtime required for maintenance tasks. The robust construction of the clamp prolongs its lifespan providing a cost-efficient solution for prolonged use within industrial settings. 

We are so confident in the V-BAT Pipe Clamp that we give you a 365-day and 105% Quality Guarantee. The process is straightforward, ensuring that businesses can make purchases without hesitation.

Vanya worked as a steam trap technician for 4 years on the Sasol Petrochemical Refinery in Secunda. He then studied further to become a Quality Inspector where he oversaw quality operations at the Medupi Power Plant in South Africa for 3 years.
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